Saturday, August 18, 2018

Lord Ganesh Images For Facebook 2018

Lord Ganesh Images For Facebook 2018: Ganesh Chaturthi is a very big festival which is celebrated very grandly. Specially in Maharashtra people celebrate Ganesh Chaturthi very grandly and vll be eagerly waiting for the festival. As festivals bring lots of happiness and togetherness among the people, during festival days people do forgive all the grudges among each other and do spread live among people. There are many mythological believes in celebrating the festival and one of the myth is there will be a race held between the lord Ganesh and Kartikeya which will be announced by lord Shiva that who ever wins the race will be worshipped first.
When race begins Kartikeya will sit on the peacock and starts encircling the universe and lord Ganesh believes that his parents are his universe stats rotating around his parents that thing will melt the lord Shiva heart and he announces the winner as lord Ganesh from the date lord Ganesh will be worshipped first  at every ceremony, event and at any cultural celebrations. And also people do believe that during this month, Lord Ganesh Images for Faceebook 2018  festival what ever we wish for from wholeheartedly will be accepted.

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Final Words:

Everyone do wish for there family, friends and beloved ones for there health, wealth and prosperity. The ten days of festival event will bring lots of luck and happiness towards people and the those days will have its own importance and charm. After ten days of worship the clay idol of  Lord Ganesh Images for Facebook 2018 will be submerged in the holy river or sea and wish for everyone’s happiness.